5 E-Banking and Banking Technologies Trends to Watch

banking technologies

More than 200 million — and growing — Americans use digital banking services. Not only has this trend accelerated, there are new emerging technologies that will convince you to try e-banking if you haven’t before. The pandemic kicked off an even greater shift towards online banking. Although e-banking skews towards younger users, many people 60 and over tried it … read more

How to Recover From Business Bankruptcy

How to Deal with Bankruptcy

Did you know there were about 16,140 business bankruptcies filed in 2021? While business bankruptcies fell by 27.9 percent, there are still many businesses that need to file for bankruptcy. If your business was in that unfortunate position, you are probably wondering how your business can recover from business bankruptcy. You have been through a difficult journey. … read more

Banking: What Happens When You Default on a Loan?

default on a loan

Debt has become an increasingly normal part of American life. The ability to borrow money can offer huge opportunities to individuals, allowing them to purchase homes, go to college, buy cars, and start or grow businesses. The average American has a fairly hefty amount of debt, averaging $90,460 when you consider all types of consumer debt products including … read more

E-Banking: The Advantage and Importance of Internet Banking

Importance of internet

Internet banking has taken off in recent years – as many as 80% of Americans prefer online banking over visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment. What makes online banking services so appealing? Aside from the convenience and security of online fund transfer services, e-banking allows you to manage and track your transactions as they happen. After opening an online bank account, … read more

Why a Wealth Advisor Partner is Important

Wealth Advisor

It’s no secret that the financial world has changed dramatically over the past few years. The traditional model of investing in stocks and bonds is no longer sufficient to meet your needs as an investor. In fact, it may not even be enough to implement your future endeavors. So, why should you partner with an experienced wealth … read more

Explaining Why Digital Banking is Safe and Secure

Digital Banking

Digitization is the future of many businesses. The finance industry, in particular, has embraced digital technology. Currently, 63.8% of people in the US use digital banking. Digital banking has become necessary following the rise of online transactions. Digital banking allows automating all banking activities to provide a better customer experience. Here there is no manual intervention. Digital … read more

How to Go About Getting a Small Business Loan

Business Loan

So you’re considering starting up your own business- that’s great news! Building a business from scratch takes a lot of work, and more importantly, the funding to get the company off the ground. However, without the right know-how, you may struggle to find a good small business loan. How can you go about searching for … read more

Benefits of Banking: How to Open a Business Bank Account

Business Banking

Did you know that 75 percent of struggling small businesses feel that being disorganized affects their productivity? As a company, you can’t afford to have your processes all over the place. That relates to staff organization, how you conduct meetings, and pretty much every single aspect of your entire operations! One area in particular that you need to … read more

How to Structure Your Business Plan to Secure Business Funding

business funding

It is a sad reality that by the end of their second year, 30% of businesses will have failed. However, when you have a burning ambition and a great project for the market, these just become numbers. So how do you ensure your passion does not turn you into a statistic? The way to do that is to … read more

6 Ecommerce Fraud Protection Strategies You Need to Implement

fraud protection

Every year more than $20 billion are lost due to fraud during the online payment process. These issues can be devastating for businesses and leave them in financial trouble if not taken care of quickly. If you’re not careful, they can come out of nowhere and cost your overall bottom line. That’s why it’s crucial to set … read more