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6 Things You Should Know About Online Banking Security?

online banking security

Banking online offers many advantages. You can access your account at any time and check your balance or make transfers with a few clicks. But, it also means that hackers have ready access to your financial information. Today, more than 50% of American adults have an account with a bank or other financial institution. Because of this, … read more

6 Tips for How To Prevent Check Fraud

check fraud

In modern times, there are a lot of different ways to transfer money between individuals. You can link up certain apps to your bank account and send money directly into another person’s account. Despite the accessibility of these apps, checks still manage to see a lot of use. Many older individuals like sticking to what they know. … read more

What Are the Main Types of Entrepreneurship?


Are you looking to enter the business world as an entrepreneur? Studies show that over about 843,320 businesses launched in March 2021. However, over 20% of these businesses will fail within their first two years. Starting a business is the easy part. What new business owners struggle with is keeping it afloat. Enter the market with the … read more

6 Convenient Benefits of E-Banking


Nearly every aspect of the business world is becoming more digital, including banking. Recent polls show that 75.4% of Americans bank via digital banking. With more and more people transitioning to e-banking, it is becoming a large fixture in financial institutions. But why is e-banking becoming so popular? Does it offer that many benefits when compared to … read more

The ABCs of SBA Loans: How to Apply for Small Business Loans

small business loan

32.5 million small businesses help to fuel the economy across the US. You might guess those small business owners say finances are their biggest worry. Yet, 52% say they worry most about finding quality labor for their business. Of course, though, when you look at the failure rate of small businesses, they also must worry about … read more

Keeping Personal Information Private: A Guide to Online Banking Security Basics

online banking security

In the United States, 33% of banks’ fraud costs in 2021 were due to online banking. Online banking is a great way to take care of your finances in a convenient way. However, there are an increasing number of scammers and hackers that can target your online bank accounts. Because of this, it is necessary you learn … read more

How to Identify and Avoid These Common Banking Scams

banking scams

At the end of 2020, banking fraud increased by 159%, especially with online banking. Because banking scams are so prevalent in our digital world, it is important you learn to recognize the signs of potential scams to protect your finances. Do you want to learn more about the most common banking scams? Keep reading this article … read more

5 E-Banking and Banking Technologies Trends to Watch

banking technologies

More than 200 million — and growing — Americans use digital banking services. Not only has this trend accelerated, there are new emerging technologies that will convince you to try e-banking if you haven’t before. The pandemic kicked off an even greater shift towards online banking. Although e-banking skews towards younger users, many people 60 and over tried it … read more

How to Recover From Business Bankruptcy

How to Deal with Bankruptcy

Did you know there were about 16,140 business bankruptcies filed in 2021? While business bankruptcies fell by 27.9 percent, there are still many businesses that need to file for bankruptcy. If your business was in that unfortunate position, you are probably wondering how your business can recover from business bankruptcy. You have been through a difficult journey. … read more

Banking: What Happens When You Default on a Loan?

default on a loan

Debt has become an increasingly normal part of American life. The ability to borrow money can offer huge opportunities to individuals, allowing them to purchase homes, go to college, buy cars, and start or grow businesses. The average American has a fairly hefty amount of debt, averaging $90,460 when you consider all types of consumer debt products including … read more

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