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Why You Should Open a Business Checking Account

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Imagine you start working for yourself as a freelancer. You don’t have any employees or business partners, so you don’t think you need a business checking account. But something goes wrong with a client, and they sue you. Because your money is in one account, the client can take everything from you, even your personal … read more

7 Tips for Managing Finances as a Small Business

Finance Management

There’s never been a more important time to be managing finances for your small business. In these uncertain times, companies need to make sure they’re losing as little money as possible. While many small business owners are distracted by the day-to-day responsibilities; this leads to some fatal but easily avoidable mistakes when it comes to … read more

Money Management: Why Every Business Needs a Bank Account

Money Management

Starting your own business can be time-consuming and stressful. It won’t be long before you start to adopt things to simplify the way you run your business. This might include an online booking system, automated emails, and even a business bank account. When it comes to money management, opening a bank account for your business … read more

The Major Benefits of Online Banking

The world is moving into the digital space, and so is banking. 57% of American adults have said they enjoy the convenience of online banking. The benefits of online banking are a big reason why it’s becoming more popular. It can give you many options that traditional banking can’t accommodate. With no open hours and instant processing, … read more

5 Undeniable Benefits of Opening a Business Savings Account

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Are you wondering if you should open a business savings account for your company? Running a successful business means being financially responsible by adhering to a budget. To do so, you need a business bank account separate from your personal finances as well as a business savings account. In this article, we will share some … read more

The Strategic Savings Account: Controlling Your Business Cash Flow

Savings Account

Were you aware that a business savings account is one of the best things you can have to manage business cash flow? Many businesses struggle with cash flow management, especially smaller ones. This causes many problems that prevent a business from growing, so you must know how to manage your money. A business savings account … read more

Navigating the New Stimulus Plan and Small Business Grants

SBA Loans Atlanta Stimulus Package

In 2020, 81% of small US businesses reported financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chances are, your business may still be experiencing challenges. To alleviate this economic crisis, the U.S. administration has rolled out a new stimulus plan that provides financial relief to small businesses. This plan includes small business grants that can alleviate … read more

Your Guide to Small Business Debt Financing

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Considering your small business lending options? Taking out a small business loan can be an amazing way to advance an existing business. It can also be a great way to jumpstart a new venture grow something you’ve been working on into a full-time gig. The problem is, many entrepreneurs don’t know where to start. They … read more

7 Banking Tips for Small Businesses

Small Business Banking Tips

The American banking sector had a net income of $236.8 billion in the year 2018. These figures are massive but not shocking, considering the industry supports one of the world’s largest economies. Over the years, small businesses in the USA have gained a lot from this vibrant banking sector through financing. If you run a small business … read more