Dr. Eric Schenendorf, Buckhead Spine Specialists

Dr. Eric Schenendorf

“I think if this current situation with the pandemic has taught business owners anything, it is that your relationship with your bank is of critical importance.”

While these times of uncertainty have been a great stress for many business owners who have to focus on these new external factors, THANKS TO SIGNATURE BANK of GEORGIA, I have been able to focus on what is most important to me: my family, my patients, my business.

Many business owners struggle to find information and the answers they need to survive during the pandemic. Steve Reagin, Chief Lending Officer with Signature Bank, was actually reaching out to me to ensure I had information he thought would be valuable to my business. He walked me through the steps I should be taking, emailed us daily with updates and held my hand throughout the process. If you are at a big bank, this likely seems unbelievable, but this is the benefit of Signature Bank, and of having a banker like Steve in your corner.

These are the times where a small business shows you their true character and integrity and make no mistake, Signature Bank’s approach is that of a small business who exudes character and integrity. The drive to serve their clients is something I have never experienced previously at a bank. Even before this pandemic, I was impressed that not only could we always reach someone at the bank, but we could always reach someone who could actually assist us and provide solutions. While it would be understandable for that level of customer service to decrease during these times, it was actually the opposite. Steve was answering emails and calls on Saturdays and Sundays late into the night to ensure I had everything I needed.

While I have been impressed with everyone at Signature Bank, its clear to me that the CEO, Freddie Deutsch, sets the tone for his bank. I had the pleasure of meeting him outside of the banking relationship and the best way to describe him is that he is one of us! The best business owners aren’t driven by financial gain but driven by a sense of obligation to their clients. It doesn’t take long in speaking to Freddie to realize how genuine he is as a person and how that translates to his business philosophy.

People should expect more from their bank and I think there is none better than Signature Bank of Georgia. I would highly encourage business owners to plan ahead and prepare for the unforeseen. The virus has demonstrated you never know what is going to happen, and sadly people found out the hard way they have nowhere to turn when it does. Unless you bank at Signature Bank, of course.

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