Jonathan Bill

Jonathan Bill

With a company vision to transform businesses, lives, and the world, it’s no wonder Jonathan Bill, Principal of SBS Accounting & Advisors, is thrilled with his Signature Bank of Georgia relationship. It’s a fulfilling collaboration that’s born when you encounter a like-minded small business with similar goals, like providing a future-focused benefit for clients.

Jonathan was referred to Signature by a friend. Since the beginning, he’s been extremely happy with his banking partner and it goes beyond the convenience of a few of his favorites, like a great remote deposit capture service and free ATM’s nationwide. Jonathan values those services, but during the COVID crisis, when the Paycheck Protection Program launched, he was especially thankful for the individual attention he received, the quick responses to phone call and emails, and the small business hometown service he is also dedicated to deliver to his own clients. Like Signature’s distinctly different service pledge, SBS Accounting & Advisors also pledge some distinctives. “You have to find ways to differentiate yourself,” says Jonathan. “Otherwise, what incentive do you give to clients to refer other business to you? Isn’t that the greatest compliment; when a client is so happy, he tells his friends? That’s when you know you’re doing something right, and I’d refer Signature Bank of Georgia to anyone looking for a unique banking relationship focused on exemplary service.”

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